Trois-Rivières same-day weed delivery in Trois-Rivières Canada

Trois-Rivières same-day weed delivery

In the last few years, Trois-Rivières (TR) has become the hub for cannabis tourism. The city is a vibrant tourist destination where you can see cannabis production, the first legal medical marijuana dispensaries, and historic buildings with their historic gardens now producing fresh weed. All this is set to change thanks to Trois-Rivières’ newly launched weed delivery service called “Trois Rivières same-day weed delivery“.

We are proud to be the first Canadian marijuana delivery service to deliver on a same-day basis. We have been working around the clock this past year to bring you the best cannabis products available in Canada at affordable prices. We have delivered more than $2 million worth of cannabis products through our network of delivery vehicles, and due to the popularity of cannabis at home and abroad, we are relaxed about this new business model. The best way to experience marijuana at home is through Trois-Rivières Same-Day Delivery!Trois Rivières Same-Day Weed Delivery is a new service that will be available to all Canadian residents in TR beginning November 12th, 2017.

Trois-Rivières same-day weed delivery

Cannabis shipments will be delivered in a safe secure vehicle by our licensed drivers from coast to coast. The driver will pull up behind your residence and unload marijuana packages from the trunk of their vehicle. Once the driver has finished unloading your order, they will drive away and you can enjoy enjoying cannabis products just like they’re at home. A delivery fee of 10% is charged for each item that is purchased and delivered.

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