Hardcore OG Strain Review & Information

About this Indica Strain

Hardcore OG, a potent indica strain with a wonderful flavor and fragrance of herbal honeyed tea that’s wonderfully spicy, is known to have a delectable taste and aroma. Its buds are covered in milky trichomes, resemble little pebbles, and hold golden pistils when ready for harvesting. The indica Big Bud and indicam DJ Short Blueberry are the parent strains of Hardcore OG. Looking to try something new? Check out this.

The THC level of this strain is usually between 24 and 28 percent, making it a powerful one that should not be taken lightly or by inexperienced consumers. Its high has been characterized as hard-hitting and fast, increasing mental activity while soothing the body. After numerous minutes, the bodily buzz will take effect, sedating the user and putting motivation aside. As a result of this, Hardcore OG is best consumed in the late evenings or at night. Expect to get hungry after using this strain!

Hardcore OG may quickly sedate and induce sleepiness for inexperienced consumers. Though it has a high THC concentration, this strain is not known to generate a lot of anxiety or paranoia. Hardcore OG is a one-sided Indica/Sativa hybrid with 80 percent Indica content. It delivers on its promise, with a THC level ranging from 24 to 28 percent. It’s a strong flower produced by crossing legendary Big Bud with DJ Short Blueberry. Its fragrance and flavor are also well-known.

The original is a very famous and well-known strain. There’s not much information available about it, but the lineage can tell us a lot. It’s a high-yielding plant that reaches a medium height when cultivated. According to its beginnings, Hardcore OG may grow up to five feet tall. The buds are covered with golden hairs and a sheath of milky white trichomes, which gives them an indica appearance.

The notorious OG strain is difficult to cultivate due to its thick foliage. It’s easiest to grow inside using the Screen of Green approach, which includes low-stress training. Pests and disease must be kept at bay, and sunlight must be allowed to every bud sufficiently. This strain will require 8 weeks for indoor cultivation and a yield of 16-18 ounces per square yard. Outdoor cultivators may harvest in October and anticipate 20-24 ounces per plant.

Like its parents, Hardcore OG has a potent blueberry fragrance. Spicy herbs can also be detected. Many people note the scent and flavor as herbal, honeyed tea that is wonderfully spicy.

Hardcore OG is not for the faint of heart. With a rapid cerebral stimulation that allows you to forget about your pain and gives you a modest amount of energy, the high hits fast. That initial sensation fades into a full-body buzzing Indica that binds every bone and muscle. You’ll feel numb, with an overpowering couch-lock. Hardcore OG leaves you lethargic, and you drift off into a deep sleep as a result.

This strain is ideal for relieving pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety, PMS, appetite loss, bipolar disorder, etc.

Hardcore OG Weed Seeds

Female marijuana seeds are available in the form of Seed Finder and Seed Supreme. Some consumers aren’t aware that they can’t legally obtain a seed shipment in the United States. You don’t want your package to arrive at your home, only to have federal law enforcement show up later.

Locating clippings from a healthy plant may help you to harvest your crop faster than with seeds. Finding the clippings might be difficult, so the simplest option is to go to the dispensary for the strain seeds you require.

Medical Conditions Hardcore OG Can Help 

Some people are allergic to typical medicines, making certain health issues extremely difficult to manage. Cannabis may be a tremendous help for individuals who have had difficulties responding to pharmacological therapy for particular diseases. For the following medical problems, OG can assist:

  • Anxiety
  • Cancer
  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • PMS

The THC content is about 0.1%. With Hardcore OG, the CBD concentration is less than 1 percent. If this strain is your primary one, you’ll want to increase your CBD intake significantly. To some people, cannabis may provide relief from pain and other symptoms.

Final Words On The Hardcore OG Marijuana Strain 

If you like really powerful Indica strains with hefty Indica effects, Hardcore OG is a strain you must try. It’s only an additional bonus that the plant is also delicious. Finding seeds may be difficult since the popularity of cultivating this variety appears to rise each year.

The name “Hardcore OG” is particularly appropriate. What other strain provides the same high? Haze strains are an excellent example, as your mental fog may be felt behind your eyes.

Hardcore OG has been described as a “life-changing” experience by patients that suffer from chronic pain. It numbs users from the top of their head to the tips of their toes, offering relief for physical and mental problems alike. All mental problems, including stress, anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorders are within its wheelhouse, allowing people to finally stop thinking negative thoughts in their minds. Those who have a difficult time going to sleep or remaining asleep will appreciate what this strain has to offer.

When it comes to home growing tips, there are always a lot of questions. When it comes to hard-to-find home growing advice, this is a very typical occurrence. It makes sense that those who grew her would want to keep her a secret because the strain is powerful and has a variety of applications. What’s certain is that this plant takes around 8 to 10 weeks to bloom. Because, like most crossbreeds, it probably performs relatively well in both indoor and outdoor conditions.

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