Guelph cannabis store

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Now that you know the basics of buying cannabis, you may be ready to visit Guelph cannabis store. But, before heading to the store, there are a few things to keep in mind.

What You Need to Know About Visiting a Cannabis Store in Guelph

First, you need to be 19 or older to legally purchase and consume cannabis in Ontario. The store staff will check your ID for proof of age; make sure to have it with you.

Also, know what type of cannabis you want (flower, edibles, topicals, etc.) in Guelph cannabis store. While stores are stocked with different types, not all stores have the same exact products. It’s best to call ahead—or check online—to make sure the strain or product that you’re looking for is available at that store.

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Remember that public consumption of cannabis is prohibited in Guelph. You need to consume it in private residences only. Also, if you are buying cannabis flower (dried buds), know that it needs to stay stored in its original packaging while in public places like stores and on sidewalks outside the store.

If you follow these guidelines and come prepared with your valid ID and knowledgable about what type of product you want to buy, then your cannabis shopping experience should go off without a hitch!

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