What is Live Resin?

Resin is a relatively new cannabis concentrate or extraction. It has grown in popularity among consumers and producers alike since it better preserves the tastes and scents of the living plant than other cannabis extracts, as well as being quicker to make.

Cannabis resin has a more complex terpene profile and can provide a deeper, more involved high.

What is Live Resin?

Cannabis concentrates are made from several types of cannabis, each with its own set of textures and consistencies. Some are hard and fragile, such as shatter; others glisten; still others are thick and gooey, like dough; while yet other s are more flexible. Live resin is a more flexible concentrate that sits halfway between wax and sauce in terms of malleability—not quite taffy but not as dry as cream.

Live resins are typically golden yellow in color, although they may be pale to white. Live resins, like other cannabis concentrates, are extremely sticky and require a dab tool to handle. People enjoy live resin for their powerful flavors and scents that linger after the original plant has been burned away because of its strong compounds and lingering aromas.

How to Make Live Resin

Real resin is created from frozen cannabis, as opposed to plants that have been dried and cured. These plants are maintained frozen throughout the extraction procedure and do not go through the drying, curing, or trimming phases of harvesting.

Terpenes, the plant’s flavor and fragrance chemicals, can be destroyed by the drying and curing procedures that cannabis plants usually go through. Terpenes are present in trichomes, which cover buds as well as surrounding leaves.

Moisture and chlorophyll are removed from the plant during the drying and curing process. This might expose trichomes to heat, oxygen, and light, all of which can degrade terpenes. Trichomes also break off a plant as it is picked and transported throughout handling.

Trichomes are protected by freezing the plant after harvest, and the cannabis plant’s valuable terpene profile, flavor, and fragrance are preserved throughout the extraction process and into the finished product.

Frozen plants are extracted with butane, propane, or another solvent after they’ve been harvested.

What does the Process of Extraction Entail?

There are a variety of extraction processes accessible, some of which use laboratory equipment and chemicals, while others only need an oven or a large heat press. Each process will yield a distinct result, therefore being familiar with the procedures and what’s required so that you can ask your budtender informed questions AND so that you know exactly what you’re eating and how to eat it correctly is crucial.

Why Skip the Drying and Curing Process to Make Live Resin?

Because your plants hang to dry, they naturally desiccate on their own. Trichomes can be harmed by altered temperature and humidity levels during the drying procedure. This indicates that if the drying and curing process is not completed correctly, you may lose a lot of natural fragrances.

Do I Smoke Live Resin? What’s the Best Way to Consume it?

Live resin may be applied topically, dabbed or vaped, but it can also be sprinkled on your joints or put in a bowl. It’s usually a yellowish, sticky, waxy substance that’s somewhat difficult to handle because of its stickiness and flammability.

On the other hand, live resin is a fantastic food. One of the advantages of consuming live resin is that the distinct tastes and odors that are destroyed if burnt at too high a temperature can be experienced. Take your dabs at a low temperature and slowly pull to fully appreciate the spectrum of flavors and scents.

How should I store live resin?

Keep it cold! Although the wax becomes more fluid-like at higher temperatures, it should be kept in your refrigerator or a cool, dark, dry area to maintain its consistency and quality. It’s also worth buying a silicone container since live resin tends to adhere to glass and other materials, making it impossible to use all of the resin.

What are the benefits of live resin?

1. Highly Potent

Live resin, on the other hand, is preferred by cannabis consumers because it has a greater concentration and works faster.

2. Captures Flavor Profile

Many sorts of medical marijuana, especially dry herbs, have a reduced taste as a result of processing. Live resin is not affected in this manner. Due to flash freezing, users are receiving the most up-to-date version of the plant.

3. Stronger Aroma

Scent enthusiasts, rejoice! If you enjoy strong tastes and odors, resin is definitely the thing for you. Once again, because so much of the plant’s original profile is preserved by flash freezing, you’ll get a powerful fragrance.

Shopping For Live Resin

Form and viscosity are used to name live resin concentrates. Names like “sugar,” “sauce,” “sap,” “jelly,” “badder,” and “shatter” can all be found for live concentrates.

Dabbing and vaping live concentrates are the most popular ways to consume them. The best experience of the concentrate’s terpenes may be had through these methods, particularly dabbing. When compared to smoking live resin from a bowl or joint, smoking live resin out of a pipe or cigar is considerably more wasteful since many of the terpenes it contains are destroyed instantly by the high heat of fire.

Concentrates are also available in pre-filled vape cartridges and Pax Era pods, which you can use with your existing 510 battery or Pax. Simply attach to a 510 battery thread or Pax Era vaporizer for ease of use.

So Then What Does Live Mean?

When the plant is cut from its roots, it immediately begins to dehydrate. When the moisture escapes, the oil that binds cannabinoids and terpenes separates and disintegrates. What about extracts?

Because they can’t allow the plant to dry and cure naturally, producers must not let it get too wet or overly ripe before harvesting. They chop it down and immediately flash freeze it to dry it out and preserve it for extraction, preventing cannabinoid and terpene loss during the final concentrate product. Squish it in a rosin press to make live rosin, or run it through a butane extraction machine to make live resin, depending on the conditions. This is also how THCA diamonds are formed under optimum circumstances, which is why this is considered the most complete full spectrum extract available today.

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