What is a Fake Taxi Window Decal?

what is fake taxi window decal

A fake taxi decal is a sticker that has been printed on paper and then glued to the window of a vehicle. These stickers are usually used as car window stickers. The decals can be used to advertise your business, but they are also popularly referred to as “what is fake taxi window decal” because they look like real taxis. The reason why these decals are called fake taxis is that they don’t have any license plates or taximeters attached to them. They are just made of paper and glue, which means that you can put them on any car window in the world. and they will be recognized as fake.

what is fake taxi window decal

These decals are also called “fake taxi windows” because they look like real city streets and look exactly like any truck that can be seen on any street in the world. They are usually found on the sides of trucks, but also on buses and cars as window stickers.The easiest way to apply a fake taxi decal is to use a tape measure since you can find many different sticker brands available. If you have trouble lining up the stickers with your car window, use an adhesive glue, which normally lasts for several years without being changed or repaired by a mechanic.

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