Bubonic Chronic Marijuana Strain


Indica Dominant Hybrid 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

THC: 19% – 21%

Cerebral, Giggly, Relaxing, Sociable, Uplifting
May Relieve
Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Mood Swings, Stress
Flowery, Herbal, Skunky, Woody
Earthy, Flowery, Pine, Pungent, Skunky, Woody


Bubonic Chronic is an indica dominant hybrid strain (80% indica/20% sativa) created through crossing the infamous AK-47 X Northern Lights X Skunk strains. Named for the bubonic plague, this bud has a fast-spreading effect that will burn its way through your body almost immediately before knocking you flat out. You’ll feel a rush of euphoric effects that smash into you almost as soon as you exhale, boosting you into an almost psychedelic state that has you feeling lifted but unfocused and giddy. As your mind falls into this giggly state, a relaxing sense will wash over your physical form, anchoring you and leaving you feeling totally kicked back. With these long-lasting effects and its super high 19-21% average THC level, Bubonic Chronic is often said to be perfect for treating conditions such as depression, chronic stress or anxiety, mood swings, nausea or appetite loss and chronic pain. This bud has a skunky and spicy flowery flavor with a deliciously woody pine exhale. The aroma is just as delicious, with a spicy and flowery overtone that turns skunky and pungent as the nugs are broken apart and burned away. Bubonic Chronic buds have dense grape-shaped forest green nugs with minty undertones, lots of furry orange hairs and a coating of frosty tiny white crystal trichomes.