How to choose Print Loose Chiffon Blouse

How to choose Print Loose Chiffon Blouse

Choosing the right print loose chiffon blouse can be tough. Here are some tips to help make the process easier with


The fabric of your blouse is important — after all, it’s going to be up against your skin, so you want something that won’t irritate it. Choose a light and airy fabric like rayon or polyester for comfort; cotton may be too heavy and clammy in summer months.


Length is key too — since you’ll likely be wearing a cami or tank underneath, you don’t want your blouse to be too long or else risk looking frumpy. Aim for something that hits right around mid-thigh so your legs can show off a bit!

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Style & Color

Though light colors are fun and summery, don’t forget about bolder shades like reds and blues for a statement piece. And consider the overall style of your outfit before you buy — if you’re going for an edgy look try a blouse with ruffle details or even faux leather instead of something more classic.

Following these tips will help ensure that your print loose chiffon blouse is both stylish and comfortable!

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