Edible Gardens

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Have you ever heard of edible gardens? They might sound exotic, but did you know that an edible garden can be grown right in your backyard? Yes, it’s true! Edible gardens are becoming increasingly popular because they are easy to grow and provide fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs right at your fingertips.

Edible Gardens

When you start an edible garden with https://sbevolutionlandscape.com, you’re not only helping your own health – you’re also supporting the environment. You can reduce your chemical exposure by growing organic produce without fertilizers or other chemicals. Plus, it takes a lot less energy to grow food at home than it does to get food from a grocery store or restaurant. Plus, the process of breaking down organic matter during gardening helps create nutrient-rich soil and improves soil structure over time.

How to Plan Your Edible Garden

Here are some tips for starting an edible garden:

  1. Choose the right spot – Make sure the spot is well-lit and gets plenty of sun throughout the day.
  2. Pick what to plant – Decide what fruits, vegetables and herbs you want to grow based on what grows best in your area and season.
  3. Get soil tested – Make sure the soil has enough nutrients for a successful harvest each year by getting it tested by a local university or cooperative extension office.
  4. Find the best fertilizer – Use organic fertilizer for a chemical-free and sustainable option that won’t harm your plants or the environment in general.
  5. Take care of weeds – Weeds compete with plants for essential nutrients like water and sunlight, so make sure to keep them under control with natural methods like mulching or hand weeding regularly during growing season

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